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case was the go-ahead 5 points

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Thunder was the climax of a six-point lead in the case was the go-ahead 5 points. After a pause, the Heat still hit the first attack. Bosh in the middle of this section, the use of two consecutive singles height Ibaka, a dunk, a foul hit two free throws, Glenealy four points, the Heat will be sent out to 1 minute. But in the end after Wade with Bosh, the Heat still 67-72 behind into the margins.Distal game, Bosh at 5 minutes 05 seconds before the whistle was for play, but the next time, Bosh has only got a chance to take advantage of the free-throw points, th nike lunarglide 6 cheap e Heat ultimately failed to block the Thunder last wave of the offensive to 86 -94 lost. Beijing on Jan. 21, the Thunder 94-86 road victory over the Miami Heat won three straight, Kevin - Durant played 39 minutes, 9 of 24 shots to get 19 points and eight rebounds and eight assists and four steals 1 cover, two consecutive games are the highest eight assists this season, while the presence of Thunder when Durant 14 points margin of victory, this data is also the team's starting five highest, must admit that today is Thunder is distal to seal the victory scored seven points and three assists in Westbrook, but the wave of winning climax, it is the beginning of 9 minutes 33 seconds from Durant steals fast break fly buckle.Second section of the game has just begun, the Thunder's first points came from Durant, Anderson defense he faced in 11 minutes and 03 seconds flank ball, suddenly accelerated straight kill an inside, behind the "Birdman" did not give up and always close Durant uprooted without any hesitation is a split button with one hand, because of the physical confrontation Durant and Anderson fell out of the court, but the overbearing Durant dunks still make a fist 




roar.The campaign also start to lead the Thunder Durant jumper to score points, but he was more surprising still in the organization of outstanding offensive play, 9 minutes and 04 seconds Thunder three line break, Durant pass Ibaka empty pick fly buckle, 6 minutes 03 seconds and Adams with high and low, which easily pick Durant passing storm succeeded in Westbrook carried away into the next attack state case, Durant is the Thunder remaining organizers, Last game against the Magic and he sent out a season-high eight assists, and today he also demonstrated a versatile side.After the second section of the Durant dunks end rest, come back a few minutes later, he scored twice jumper Buzz climax, this Houyibaka scored five points came from Durant pass, originally behind This is again reversed the score, half ended 2 minutes 17 seconds, Durant's jumper to help the Thunder 48-44 lead.Easy side battles, nike free 4.0 v3 womens  Durant hit a layup after a return to the organizers mode assists twice Adams scored the basket, 5 minutes and 35 seconds assists Westbrook dunks again Houdulante has sent eight assists, This data is tied up to the season, and he also grabbed eight rebounds, personal data all the way to advance toward a triple-double, but this time the Thunder advantage gradually occupy the scene, when the distal Durant fast break 9 minutes 33 seconds When flying buckle succeeded, has been leading the Thunder to 80-72.Game is so crushed, Durant's first triple-double of the season should not be a problem. But he is not a man Thunder masters, Du God flanked on one who enters the crazy stat




e regardless of Westbrook, Durant after 7 minutes 01 seconds missed the third, the game was officially taken over Westbrook, Durant then became a special court spectators relaxed in Westbrook even lift spurt opened the points difference to 10 points, Durant Brooks simply replaced the rest will eventually Thunder easily won the Heat 94-86 on the road won three straight. Beijing on Jan. 21, the Thunder 94-86 road victory over the Miami Heat won three in a row, which is a typical process of Thunder wrestling-style victory, and the Miami Heat in the first three quarters thirds Durant was strangled Westbrook offensive efficiency is not high, but distal from the start button fly steals Durant, Westbrook come forward to take over the game, led his unit to play a wave after wave of offensive frenzy, and ultimately seal the victory, Victoria distal game Innsbruck personal scored seven points and three assists, of course, is the biggest player in double-less Thunder win, then the others  For example, the audience last 2 minutes 54 seconds to hit a key three Reggie Jackson - a game he played 26 minutes, shot 7 of 9, 2 3-pointers scored 16 points 2 rebounds, 1  nike free 4.0 flyknit cheap  assist, when he When the presence of Thunder score up to 17 points margin, this performance even Durant and Westbrook together even more, as a contrast to the past four games scoring in double figures, are considered "leave LeBron broke." The Witters, campaign two playing time, shots, including three-point shots are exactly the same, Witters's performance and how In the same 26 minutes of playing time, Witters same shot ni

Wade then hit a mid-rang

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still only 2 points. Before the final 3 minutes 38 seconds, Wade then hit a mid-range jumper, but the Heat were the Thunder played 9-1 after the climax, although Hou Weide Granger hit three assists, but it is powerless. Since leaving coaching job, former Warriors coach Mark Jackson - back to the ESPN commentary on the role of the narrator work bench. Recently, he talked about the immediate dispute MVP hot topic at the time to participate in activities of ESPN Radio interview. This season has been more than half, at presensupra skytop mens t the most outstanding individual, team record also comes as the two top players 09 th Curry, Harden. They are winning MVP candidate, it comes to this topic, Jackson also said the two did equally matched."It's really hard to choose to the extreme," Jackson case said, "I think you choose any one of them will not be wrong when MVP, two players have played a very high standard, two players on the offensive end have incredible talent, but two players are the reason for their respective teams to achieve success is now a key figure. ""We all know Howard missed a considerable period of time, Harden hit an incredible performance throughout the first half of the season, while Curry is so unique it has been unique, so I think that no matter choose which one you have when MVP do no wrong. "Curry this season, averaging 23.2 points, 8 assists, 4.8 rebounds, 2.1 steals while shooting 49.9%, PER value reached 27.95. Harden this season, averaging 27.1 points, 6.7 assists, 5.6 rebounds, 1.9 steals while shooting 45.2%, PER is 27.29. Warriors record 




of 33 wins and 6 losses, ranking first in the league. Rockets record 29 wins and 13 losses, ranked No. 4 west.Mark Jackson - during the Warriors coaching and mentoring Curry establish a deep affection, Curry is also under his guidance began to grow as the star of the league players. Jackson can do without selfish favoritism Curry, given fair, objective advice, still very admirable.It is worth mentioning that the former Rockets forward, currently playing for the Mavericks, has recently Parsons and MVP when it comes to the topic of his fans, he said he was pleased that former teammate James Harden, praised the level he played an MVP season .In addition, another ESPN commentator "Little General" Johnson talked to the best defensive player in the topic, little general thought on half performance, the pelican Davis deserve this award, but Jackson believes the Warriors Green should get this award."I would probably tend to choose the Green Warriors won the best defensive player award," Jackson said. "He was doing supra owen shoes  things on the defensive end of the Warriors is really incredible." 2013-14 regular season continues Miami Heat sits at home against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Bosh played the first 36 minutes and 51 seconds, 5 of 12 shots, 3-pointers vote 1, 5, 6 penalty free throws to get 16 points, seven rebounds and 1 assist, Miami final lost to 86-94. Since last season, Bosh averaged 21.6 points and 7.7 rebounds and 2.2 assists while shooting 47.5 percent, averaging 16.4 times and shot high 21.6 points since joining the Heat are hit rate fell to a




 new low, in addition to averaging 3.8 shots pointers, hit rate of 40.5% were a career high. On a victory over the Kings in the game, Bosh got 30 points, seven rebounds, three 3-pointers.After the start of the game, Bosh grabbed defensive rebounds in a row first, before the Heat by Whiteside got 4 points. Next to no avail at times outside the singles, the Heat began to pass the ball to the inside, Bosh before the end of the first after seven minutes and 32 seconds received a pass, height advantage back singles Ibaka, turned fadeaway get 2 points. Back to the front end of the first 4 minutes 35 seconds end a short break 1 minute court, shortly after the three-point line is not fired. Before the end of the first 1 minute 58 seconds, Bosh storm inside foul, free throw line firmly to get 2 points. Soon after, Bosh inside the ball, after a brief pause, the defense of his two Thunder players somehow flew up, Bosh dunks. Wang Meng commentator quipped, they are fakes Bosh eyes fly.Second section of the game, Bosh will nike free run 3 womens  be opening the first attack Durant a cover off, but two minutes later, Bosh hit him in the top of the key position of the first third of the game ball. The presence of rest for some time, Bosh in 2 minutes 32 seconds before intermission, the impulse to kill the three-point line near the Breakthrough to the inside, with the defender after the physical confrontation, forced layup, the entire first half to take to 11 points, leading the Heat to 50-49Easy side battles, whether it is one-third or Bosh failed to hit the basket, the Heat shot a wave of 11-0 


continued recovery

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 there twice, and I will go this summer, can not wait. Thank you fans there to support me and the Warriors. In Oklahoma City after being traded to the Cavaliers, Dion - Witters averaged 14.4 points, more than the field at the time of the Knights of 10.5 points has been greatly improved, and Witters said in an interview, also said in the Russian city of effectiveness Let yourself feel happy a lot. Oklahoma City Thunder (21 wins and 20 losses) continued recovery. Westbrook had 19 points, 10 rebounds and six assists, Durant had 19 points, eight rebounds and eight assists, and they led the team in thirty-four force gradually established advantages, Thunder on the road to 94- 86 beat the Miami Heat (18 wins, 23 losses). Thunder get three in a row, the first time this season above .500. Thundernike free 4.0 flyknit online  's Westbrook scored 19 points, 10 rebounds, six assists and four steals, Durant had 19 points, eight rebounds, eight assists and four steals, Jackson scored 16 points, had 12 Morrow points and four rebounds, Adams had 10 points and three rebounds, Ibaka had nine points and four rebounds. Miami's Dwyane Wade had 18 points and six assists, Chris Bosh had 16 points and seven rebounds, Whiteside scored 10 points, Granger scored nine points and three rebounds.After the start of the two teams alternating up points, Whiteside scored four points, Chalmers hit 3 successful, the Miami Heat to 18-10 lead. After the middle of the first section was misfiring, the Thunder's offensive fire again in the last paragraph of the first section, Morrow hit two three-pointers, hit 3 successful 




Durant, Thunder successfully chase 24 level. Napier in the third, the Heat lead to 27-24 three minutes, and ended the first section.Morrow II began shortly after take four minutes, the Thunder 34-35 chase. Wade led the team back on the court even took 5 minutes to stabilize the situation, to find the sight Ibaka scored five points, two attack succeeded Durant, who led the team to play 12-0 spurt, Thunder before halftime 3 minutes and 40 seconds to 46-40 lead six minutes. Wade scored five points, three of four penalties Deng, who led his unit to 10-3 spurt to end the second quarter, the Miami Heat to a 50-49 lead into halftime points. In this section Whiteside leave early because of a sprained ankle.Miami's Chris Bosh scored 11 first half points and four rebounds, Dwyane Wade and Whiteside each scored 10 points; Thunder's Kevin Durant scored 13 points, five rebounds and five assists, Morrow scored 10 points .Wade hit two jumpers, Chalmers in the third, the Miami Heat in the third quarter began shortly after a 6-point lead. Rnike free 3.0 v5 mens  obson scored five points, two attack succeeded Adams, who led his unit to play 11-0 counterattack climax, the Thunder ahead successfully. Deng's three-pointer to help the Heat team was tied, Jackson hit back three-point lead the team played 6-1 spurt to end the third quarter, the Thunder to 72-67 lead five minutes.Jackson hit two jumpers to keep aggressive, fast-break dunk steals Durant, Thunder in the fourth quarter began soon after opened the advantage to eight points. Anderson scored twice to empty, he led the team to counterattack wave hit 8-2, chase the Miami Heat 80-82. Jackson respondedThird, Westbrook offensive force two consecutive singles success, Adams is a slam dunk, the fourth 



quarter and 1 minute 15 seconds Thunder to 93-83 lead 10 points. Although Granger-thirds vote to no avail, Miami to 86-94 defeat. Beijing on Jan. 21, the Thunder 94-86 road victory over the Miami Heat won three straight, Russell - Westbrook played 35 minutes, 17 voted 8 to get 19 points and 10 rebounds (5 offensive rebounds) 6 assists and 4 steals, as a point guard, he is up to the Thunder grabbed offensive rebounds players, with fast speed, explosive athleticism, has entered a career in front of the end of Wade, Westbrook played Rolled violent attack, distal final seven minutes, also arranged Westbrook 13 points (7 points, 3 assists) off winning climax. About Westbrook's brutal, the most representative of a shot appeared in four minutes before halftime ended 52 seconds, then do not attack Durant, Westbrook tipped unsuccessful, the Thunder still have an offensive rebound. reorganize the half-court nike flyknit roshe run mens  offense without the slightest hesitation small dimension, face Wade defensive, run over sudden acceleration "Flash" Wade in the air and on the body after a tough fight layup, the ball into the referee's whistle sounded the same time, 2 1!Clock back four or five years, Wade also rely on this trick rampant NBA, he "Lightning Man" name is derived from this, and now Wade because of a knee injury left their peak period, the league's hottest striker The position fell to the hands of Westbrook, though he still does not jump high efficiency, but there are one or two a game similar storm Wade lens, has been enough to make fans unsuccessful.A few minutes later


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